Wedding Chapels in Maryland for an Intimate Ceremony

Published: 26th August 2009
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Weddings are a very important celebration in every person's life. This is the signal of the beginning of a new chapter in one's existence. Therefore, it should be planned out well so that everything will seem perfect. However, it does not really have to be that excessive. If you are going to have your wedding in Maryland, there are wedding chapels in Maryland for you. These wedding chapels in Maryland are great for intimate and smaller weddings. They are also the best choice for those who are budget conscious.

One of the choices that you can select from is the Historic Chapel located at Milton Ridge. This offers unique and solemn wedding ceremony and is also great as a reception venue. The chapel was built in the year 1875 and was restored in 2002. This is one of the chapels in Maryland that is always used for weddings and is not limited to any religion. Ministers are available here if you need assistance regarding the matter.

Another is Saint Alban's Episcopal Church. This is located in Salisbury in Maryland. There are requirements here though. First is that the couple who wish to marry should have at least one member of the Christian community. Also, one of the parties should be a member of the church. If not, they will need to obtain a written consent from the pastor.

The Church of Ascension is another great venue for weddings. This is a wonderful church with attractive interiors that will surely make you feel like your wedding is cherished. If you want to get married here, you should verify that you book the wedding date for at least thirty days in advance. About 210 people can sit here comfortably. In addition, they also have enough space for wedding parties near the church. Your needs will also be well taken care of as there are service providers waiting for your instructions. They are a big help when the wedding is only a few weeks away as well.

There are still other wedding chapels in Maryland that you can visit. Check which among them is the right one for the occasion. You can head to Linthicum Heights where you will find the All Services Wedding Chapel or in Edgewater, Maryland where the American Evangelical church can be found. Rest assured that your wedding will be peaceful and calm and will make you feel contented after the whole celebration. That is the Maryland promise for those who want to get married.

Cassandra Angelica Cruise writes about wedding chapels such as wedding chapels in Maryland and other Maryland wedding chapels.

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